The Jury is entrusted to decide on the attribution of the Awards as indicated in Art. 2. It shall meet in accordance with the established calendar, in Brussels, to choose the Prize-winners from the shortlist, prepared by the external consultant.

Chair and Members of the Jury


AGRI Committee Chair
European Parliament


Director DG AGRI
European Commission



de l’Escaille




Based on a preliminary examination and selection, carried out by the external consultant, the Jury will analyse the short-listed candidates and decide on the winners in one or more of the categories, as presented in Art. 2. The Jury’s decisions shall not be subject to appeal, and shall be taken on the basis of a simple majority of votes. In the case of a draw, the Chair of the Jury will proceed with a qualified majority vote. The Jury will be assisted in its deliberations by the external consultant, acting as an observer without voting rights.

Ecorys: the external consultant

The external consultant ensures the transparency of the evaluation process to CAP, ASAJA, MEP hosts, MEP ambassadors and the members of the Jury of the Award.
The responsibilities of the external consultant, among others, are to carry out the eligibility check of all received project applications, to establish a short-list of selected projects and to assist the Jury in its deliberations during the selection process.


At Ecorys, we aim to deliver real benefit to society through the work we do. We offer research, consultancy, communication services and project management, specialising in economic, social and spatial development. Focusing on complex market, policy and management issues we provide our clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors worldwide with a unique perspective and high-value solutions. Ecorys’ remarkable history spans more than 90 years. We value our independence, integrity and partnerships. Our staff comprises dedicated experts from academia and consultancy, who share best practices both within our company and with our partners internationally. Relevant publications from Ecorys in the agricultural field include: Pilot project on the exchange programmes for young farmers (2015, available here), Mapping and analysis of the implementation of the CAP (2016, available here), Risk management in EU agriculture (2017, available here), Analysis of administrative burden arising from the CAP (2018, available here), and Improving crisis prevention and management in the agricultural sector (2019, available here).

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