The Jury is entrusted to decide on the attribution of the Awards as indicated in Art. 2. It shall meet in accordance with the established calendar, in Brussels, to choose the Prize-winners from the shortlist, prepared by the external consultant.

Chair and Members of the Jury


AGRI Committee
Chair European


Director DG AGRI
European Commission

de l’Escaille





President of the
NAT section, EESC

Based on a preliminary examination and selection, carried out by the external consultant, the Jury will analyse the short-listed candidates and decide on the winners in one or more of the categories, as presented in Art. 2. The Jury’s decisions shall not be subject to appeal, and shall be taken on the basis of a simple majority of votes. In the case of a draw, the Chair of the Jury will proceed with a qualified majority vote. The Jury will be assisted in its deliberations by the external consultant, acting as an observer without voting rights.

Schuttelaar & Partners: the external consultant

The external consultant ensures the transparency of the evaluation process to CAP, ASAJA, MEP hosts, MEP ambassadors and the members of the Jury of the Award.
The responsibilities of the external consultant, among others, are to carry out the eligibility check of all received project applications, to establish a short-list of selected projects and to assist the Jury in its deliberations during the selection process.


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